Mr. Atul Negi


Bella has completed 10 years of service to our communities in Uttarakhand.

I want to thank Dr Preeti Deoli, Mrs. Sunmala, Mr. Kailash Chandra, Mrs. leela devi and all other staff members for their hard work and commitment to Bella.

I want to acknowledge the support and encouragement provided by CMO Dehradun and Director of Education. We look forward to continuing our partnerships Vitamin Angles.Bella Health Care would focus on the following initiatives in the next two years –

Making health services available in 12 densely populated villages of Dehra Dun, and 3 villages of District Chamoli, which do not have adequate health services.


Dr. Preeti Deoli

Vice – President

Health Care Provider

The motivation behind joining Bella health organization was the good work and optimistic approach towards mankind. It is a content job as it helps me serve the needy. This also provides me with an opportunity to accomplish my goals of serving the people who are in utter need of the health treatment


Ms. Sunmala Rawat


Project Coordinator

I joined Bella Health because it makes me an excellent match for the job requirement and the role excites me because I love the idea of working on women empowerment and child development.

I want to achieve to find a position where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. I want to improve my skills and knowledge to grow up our organization.


Mr. Kailash Chandra


Project Coordinator

I joined Bella Health Care NGO Because I have done MSW, and I like to do social services, as I got an opportunity to do this work through Bella Health Care organization.

Hope: I want to serve education to more and more people trough Bella Health, so that people will know more about in our society this will be a very good identity for Bella Health Care.