Bella Health charitable trust is a very well know (NGO) in Dehradun (Uttrakhand ). As it works for women Empowerment and Health.
Bella health is established on 2011. Starting From health we are going to take step ahead for empowering women by providing them basic computer knowledge. We are also running our computer classes from November 2021.
In this classes we are providing a 6 months certification course which include 3 months basic and 3 months advance course.

Women are still underrepresented in the entire science and technology. we have seen that girls tend to pull away from Stem subjects including computer science while the rate of boys in these classes are stay good
In the era of globalization and rapid technological development has has changed people lives dramatically, but unfortunately some women are unaware of that. Many organization and government
are still working for women empowerment but the ratio is still not equal if we compare it with boys in some backward area or villages in country.
government in developed city recognize the importance of science and technology for the growth of every person in our country whether its a boy or girl.
As government has taken many action for child (including girls and boys both) and women now the condition is not same. now girls has equal power to learn and to speak.
Now people realize the gender equality is one of the major drawback for country growth.
Learning new technology is very important for everyone.  As we all know that how computer plays an important role in our life. Today computer is used in ever filed of life.
In this modern world where everything is based on computer we should have to learn computer and to teach computer to every person.
So BELLA HEALTH CHARITABLE TRUST is also taking a small initiative to give basic knowledge of computer to the women and girls. We are running these computer center
in backward or village areas of Uttrakhand so that even in backward area women got to know about new technology. BY learning computer they can work in any sector and got to know
about each and everything.