Preeti started coming to Bella around a  year ago when she was 3 months pregnant. She came for Regular health checkup. However, She had issues related to pregnancy like, weakness, dizziness, nausea etc. After the registration, we ran all the necessary tests during pregnancy. Her reports were normal. She was given multivitamin supplements provided by Vitamin Angles for pregnant women. Bella health clinical nurse told her about the benefits of MV and asked her to take one tablet daily for 6 months. This would help her become healthier.  Since then she is taking MM on a daily basis and feeling a lot better. She is a regular patient and she had attended education classes. She is thankful Bella health care and MIF for their work in the community as these services are very helpful for women who are dependent on others to travel outside the village. She is very happy that she does not have to travel long distances for the checkups and she can use Bella services in low  price and that too within her village.


Rehmat w/o Asgar Ali

Age- 65 years

Rehmat came to us when she was suffering with Urinary tract infection, Osteoarthritis. She came to Bella health camp on 22/09/15. She has a boy who was born with C section. She wants more kids but due to Pelvic inflammatory disease. She took the treatment for almost a year as the infection was 2nd stage. She is improving and she is very happy. She is thankful to the Bella health team for organising such                                                                                                                            camps where women can easily access the medical facilities

Sajida w/o Saiyaad

Age- 33 years

She is has been coming to us since 2014. She came to us to get prenatal examinations. She already had 1 boy and 3 girls. She continued coming to our camps for checkups. She again had a girl. When she came to after delivery she was very weak. Her haemoglobin level had decreased. She again came in November 2016 while she was again pregnant. She did not know that she was 3 months pregnant when she came to our camp. Doctor counselled her on to take a good and proper diet and kept coming for regular checkups. Though she kept coming for check up she could not maintain a proper diet as she and her family is very poor and already having 6 children made the situation even more worst. The patient got so weak and her haemoglobin went so low that the child could not survive. She came to us weeping. The doctor consoled her and at the same time made her understand the importance of keeping gap between kids. She was told about the family planning methods so she could take care of herself.

Anuradha w/o Anil

Age -25 years

Village – Dhakrani

Aunradha came to Bella health camp with her mother-in-laws, when she was 3 months pregnant. According to her, when I came to Bella for first time, I had so many problems .This was my second pregnancy. Before Bella, I had gone to government as well as private hospital. I constantly suffered from hand and legs ache, tired and didn’t feel like getting up, and almost every morning I used vomited, I didn’t feel hungry I did not feel hungry, and if anything was eaten then it would have been reversed but I had benefited a lot from medicines provided by Bella, with these medicines had to eat one more tablet (vit angle), with that medicine gradually all problems were overcomes and till delivery I was completely healthy. My weight did not increase in the early days, but due to medicines weight increased too.

My delivery is normal and now I have one month baby boy who is healthily and I am also healthy now. Now I don’t feel fatigue and also starved. Even after having a baby, I take that medicine so that I do not have any problems in the future. When I was pregnant first time I had so many problems and because of this I was always sick.  There was no such medicine as the medicine provided by Bella, not even given by nay hospital, nurse or ASHA. If I did checkups from bella health, then I wouldn’t have these problems. But now I want that, every pregnant woman should get these medicines so that she stays healthy during the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child.

Today I have a healthy baby and I also healthy. I am so happy and want to thanks to Bella health.