Message from our Founder

Dr. Vijay P. Agarwal


Bella has completed ten years of service to our communities in Uttarakhand. I want to express my gratitude to Ms Colette Smith for her leadership and guidance and wish her a successful career.
I want to thank Dr Preeti Deoli, Rashid Ahmad, Ruchi Uniyal and all other staff members for keeping my dream alive through their leadership, hard work and commitment to Bella.

I want to acknowledge the support and encouragement provided by Dr.Y. S. Thapliyal, Chief Medical Officer and Mr. R.K. Kunwar, Director of Education. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with Max India Foundation, Youthreach India Foundation, Syncom and Vitamin Angles.

In 2018, we are planning on expanding our team and continue providing preventive and primary healthcare as well as educational services to the women, children and adolescents in our communities. We will also continue to find new partners to help deliver our services to more communities.

Our goals for the next two years are to:

1) provide direct health care services to over 1 lac women and children and educate more than 1.2 lac adolescents through our Adolescent Health Education Program in 70 Schools;

2) continue our collaboration with SYNCOM, USACS, MIF, YRIF, Vitamin Angles and Departments of Health and Education of Govt of Uttarakhand