Bella Health India

Why Pilot?

Bella healthcare believes in creating equal opportunity for everyone. At the same time we want to create more sustainable development and we want to make more concrete impact within the community with slow but gradual expansion of the program.
To address the need of all the people will be challenging financially, so Bella health would adopt few families to establish a concrete plan of action which would work as pilot project that will be replicated when we receive the funds to run our programs and activities smoothly.

Program Objectives-

  • To develop our target village into a model village “Uttam Gram” with contemporary standards of health, hygiene and sanitation.
  • Generating scenarios and options for the development of the settlement.
  • Reviewing and finalizing development plans through a consultative and iterative process.
  • Phasing the interventions with health, sanitation and hygiene as priority areas and developing a plan for project implementation and mentoring for the short term (up to 3 months), and one for institutional delivery (for procurement, contracting, implementation monitoring etc.)

Proposed Methodology

  • To assess development challenges and needs of the selected village, both bottom up approach and top down approach will be adopted. Top down approach will help identify the various gaps to be filled to convert the target village into a model village, while bottom up approach will help in prioritizing the intervention areas.
  • To recruit a specialist to interact with nodal government agencies for seeing their assistance for program and schemes, already available through sate and central government.
  • To assess the response and involvement of the community Bella Health will launch one activity at a time starting with healthcare services.
  • Each activity or program will be conducted with total involvement of the families which will ensure the sustainability.
  • To optimize the use of ongoing government policies and schemes Bella Health will converge its activities in such a way that the benefits reach to the maximum number of people will minimum resources used.